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General Mechanical and Motorsport services

Perth’s premier performance mechanical and motorsports services from a
championship race car driver.


About mike

Racing Solutions provides general and race car products & services to fellow racers.

Mike’s own racing pedigree is impressive – but his abilities on the track are just the beginning of what he has to offer. His impeccable knowledge of all things automotive was developed while running his own workshop in the UK.

While pursuing his passion on the track – accomplishing podium victories in the world of European motorsports – he also honed his skills in performance mechanical work.

After migrating to Australia, Mike spent 4 years at Sydney’s premier Porsche workshop. During his time at PR Technology, Mike gained widespread respect for his comprehensive skill set, ranging from engine building and vehicle maintenance through to race prep and track support.

Mike also continued his own racing career in Australia sponsored by PR Technology, and his precise optimisation and tuning of his own BMW E30 is what led it to a championship win in the very first year.

As a mechanic, Mike has played an integral role in projects from Formula Ford development through to World Time Attack winning car RP968 – otherwise known as the fastest Porsche in the world. It was Mike’s expertise that crafted the engine, setting a record that reverberated across the globe.

Professional History


Owned and operated in his own workshop in the UK

Mike took over his Fathers workshop when he was 21, it was renamed to Road and Track Motorsport and Mike ran the business until he moved to his new home in Western Australia.


PR Technology

Mike worked for 4 years at at Sydney’s premier Porsche workshop. He has built and supported many championship winning race cars, including the engine in an RP968 that won World Time Attack in 2018 and 2019.


Racing Career

Mike has had years of success on the racetracks of Europe and Australia. Including; The BMW Drivers Cup, multiple Go Kart racing championships and the Saloon Car Championship where he currently remains in 2nd place with 2 rounds to go.


Racing Solutions established

Mike continued his dream of bringing performance mechanical services to Perth, WA and opened Racing Solutions in July 2019.


Our Mission

Racing Solutions provides general and race car mechanical services to Perth and its surroundings.

For lovers of performance cars, the craving for achievement is always present – the desire for speed, to push the boundaries, hone skills and maximise the experience behind the wheel. It’s this drive that Racing Solutions is built upon.

Not content with his own achievements on the racetrack, Michael Holdcroft created Racing Solutions to help others unlock the same potential. Mike’s passion for performance cars has shaped his career throughout the past 20 years – from building world-class race cars from the ground up, to 4 years at Sydney’s most prestigious Porsche workshop.

Racing Solutions aims to help owners of luxury or performance vehicles to get the most out of their prized cars and to assist drivers to grow in the realm of motorsports: from racing vehicle development, maintenance and repairs through to driver training and comprehensive track support.

what we do

At Racing Solutions, we help you achieve more every time you get behind the wheel. Our mobile operation is flexible to be on hand when and where we’re needed: at your home, garage or out at the circuit. It’s all part of our mission to take ‘performance’ to a whole new level.
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