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This instructive and fun experience is suitable for first time racers as well as experienced drivers. With expert instructions from the pro driver sitting alongside we focus on your wants and needs, strengths and weaknesses.



Racing Solutions offers custom ECU tuning for racing vehicles and road cars, including those with modified or enhanced engines. As part of our engine management services, our ECU tuning and optimisation is based on real-time feedback from your vehicle to ensure the remap is tailored to your individual goals.

With our state-of-the-art equipment, Racing Solutions can calibrate almost any standalone ECU as well as most factory ECUs. Our tuning process is personalised for each and every vehicle, using the full potential of the rolling road / dyno to offer comprehensive engine mapping services.

When it comes to ECU tuning, it’s absolutely vital to avoid tuning chips and other standardised products. These options may be cheap, but their ability to really optimise performance is limited and there’s a high risk of damage to your vehicle’s engine and components.

Standardised tuning of any kind fails to consider the unique set-up and history of the vehicle – including any past issues and repairs, upgrades or non-standardised parts that have been installed in your model. Your ECU remap also needs to be tailored to your environment and driving conditions, avoiding excessive wear and tear on the engine over the lifetime of your vehicle.

Custom ECU tuning is the safest and most effective way to enhance your car’s performance – and with our extensive experience working on both racing and road vehicles, Racing Solutions has the expert knowledge to deliver an exceptional result.

racing ecu tuning

For track use, our extensive motorsports experience ensures the remap is tailored precisely to the car’s intended purpose. Mike brings his racing expertise into each custom tune to unleash the ultimate possible performance on the track.

Through the process of tuning your vehicle, we’ll consider your specific style and racing class, tailoring the custom remap for maximum competitive advantage. As performance and racing specialists, we’re able to better understand the needs of competitive drivers and work confidently on high-powered vehicles.


road vehicle ecu tuning

When it comes to road cars, each custom tune aims to include the best of both worlds. We take the time to ensure the car handles smoothly and efficiently – with an emphasis on fuel efficiency – while also safely enhancing your engine’s power.

Every custom remap focuses on safety – for you, your family and the vehicle itself. Our tuning process is based on dyno feedback data, ensuring the new settings aren’t placing undue stress on your engine.

A substandard or chip tune can cause excessive wear and tear, reducing the lifespan of your vehicle and its components. With Racing Solutions, you can be certain that our ECU tuning is safe, warrantable and cost-effective.

emtron ecu & engine management systems

Racing Solutions is a preferred dealer of Emtron engine management systems, specialising in installation and calibration of Emtron ECUs. 

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At Racing Solutions, we help you achieve more every time you get behind the wheel.

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At Racing Solutions, we help you achieve more every time you get behind the wheel. Our mobile operation is flexible to be on hand when and where we’re needed: at your home, garage or out at the circuit. It’s all part of our mission to take ‘performance’ to a whole new level.

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