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Link Engine Management G4+ Force GDI

Link Engine Management G4+ Force GDI

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    The Force GDI is our first ECU built specially to control Gasoline Direct Injection engines.

    As well as full GDI control, the Force GDI offers on-board digital wideband, E-throttle control, high voltage injector and high pressure fuel pump management, plus all the other features you have come to expect from one of Link’s world leading ECUs.

    The Force GDI can control up to 4 cylinders with direct injection.




    8/10* x Digital inputs

    4 x Temperature inputs

    11 x Analog inputs

    2 x Trigger inputs

    2 x Knock inputs

    1 x LSU 4.9 Wideband lambda sensor input

    *2 inputs required when using 2nd CAN Bus



    4 x High voltage injector drivers (60V 10/5A Peak/Hold Current)

    1 x GDI pump/Spill valve driver (11.8/6A Peak/Hold)

    4 x Ignition drivers

    10 x Auxiliary outputs^

    +5V Sensor power supply

    +8V Sensor power supply

    ^unused ignition drives can be used as additional Aux outputs



    2* x CAN bus

    1 x Serial (RS232) connection

    1 x USB tuning connection



    Dimensions: 185mm(L) x 130mm(W) x 40mm(H) (without looms)

    Mass: 680grams


    Advanced features found only on the Force GDI:

    4 high voltage Boost/Peak/Hold GDI injector drives, user definable voltage, current and durations.

    1 Spill valve/GDI pump driver, peak & hold or saturated mode.  User definable current.


    What's in the box?
    Supplied with USB tuning cable and mounting bracket.  Requires “A” & “B” looms or “A” & “B” connector kits.


          Perth Australia

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