Collection: MCA Air Cups

Air cups are an air-activated lift system that is fitted to the suspension, once activated via a button fitted inside your car a compressor or tank pushes air into the cup and raises the car up to 50mm. They are used to temporarily raise cars with clearance issues to help them over driveways and speed bumps without scraping, they are not intended to be used while driving permanently.




Air cups do not replace any suspension components and have no negative effect when fitted to suspension that is designed to work correctly with them.

Full kit with air tank

This kit is only available for cars that can use air cups in the front and rear of the car. The kit includes front and rear air cups, air tank, compressor and all wiring and air lines needed to run the kit + your chosen MCA Suspension kit designed to work with the air cups. The air tank is used to store compressed air allowing the air cups to instantly raise the car at the push of a button. 

Front only air cups

Some cars can only fit air cups in the front due to space restrictions in the rear.  This kit is also a viable option for anyone who only needs to raise the front of their car and don’t require a full kit. This kit includes a pair of air cups, a compressor and all air lines and wires needed to run the kit + your chosen MCA Suspension kit designed to work with the air cups in either a front only pair or a full suspension kit front and rear.

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