Get hands-on driver instruction and skills development from a championship racing professional. From first-time racers to seasoned motorsports drivers looking to boost their competitive edge, Racing Solutions can help you hone your technique and achieve excellence in motorsports.

Recently purchased a sports car or luxury vehicle? Michael Holdcroft has a passion for helping new owners get the most out of their prestige vehicle. Gain confidence behind the wheel and learn to handle your performance car with expert precision through one-on-one driver training and development.

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Drivers looking to move up in motorsports will benefit from Mike’s years of experience to help finetune your performance on the racetrack. Whether you’re a beginner, driving for enjoyment or an established competitive driver, Mike is the dedicated motorsports coach who can help you achieve your goals.  Why is it so important to seek expert driver training? Even professional racing drivers must constantly be analysing their techniques and habits in order to keep refining their performance.

Without assistance from an expert, it can take years to identify those key opportunities for growth and determine how to overcome barriers to success. The support of Racing Solutions can fast-track your growth in the world of motorsports and give you a clear roadmap to better results behind the wheel. For anyone looking to launch a career in motorsports, Racing Solutions’ expert coaching can bring you up to speed and have you driving like a pro – or simply get the most out of track days and weekend driving by taking your skills to the next level.

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When investing in a performance car, it’s the power and incredible engineering of these cars that make them so aspirational. However, many people who own a sports car or luxury car never truly experience the capabilities of such an exceptional design.

Michael Holdcroft has had a lifelong passion for prestige cars and loves to partner with owners, using his expertise in performance vehicles to explore and embrace what their car can achieve. Through his exclusive one-on-one training sessions, Mike helps owners discover the true power of prestige vehicles and teaches the skills necessary to confidently handle their speed on the track.

As a seasoned racing driver and specialist mechanic, Mike draws on his wealth of experience to teach key techniques behind high-speed driving. Feel confident pushing the limits and moving outside your comfort zone in a safe environment, with an expert driver on hand to fast-track your learning and share his extensive vehicle-specific knowledge.

If you’re ready to transform your relationship with your prized car and experience its true potential, get in touch with Mike to discuss your personalised training plan.

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Each one-on-one driver training session is focused on your individual needs and wants, identifying your strengths and weaknesses behind the wheel and focusing on the techniques that can most improve individual driver performance.

Mike will join you at the track of your choice and analyse your individual driving style from the passenger seat (or via camera if your vehicle isn’t fitted with a passenger seat). In addition to his expert eye, Mike also utilises telemetry data to evaluate vehicle performance.

If your vehicle doesn’t have an existing telemetry system, we can install a GPS-based device to get reliable vehicle data – which also allows for performance improvements to be measured as new techniques are learned and implemented, giving tangible evidence of skill development.

As part of a holistic track support arrangement, Racing Solutions can also complete mechanical adjustments to optimise the set-up of your vehicle. Driver training can be combined with the track support experience or as a dedicated one-on-one training session on a day that’s convenient for you.

Ready to upgrade your performance behind the wheel? Get in touch to discuss your personalised training plan.

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