• W1

    Typical applications:
    – Street use / OEM upgrade / Performance minded drivers / Not for track use

    WinmaX W1 brake pads are an organic based material suitable for performance street use. 

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  • W2

    Typical applications:
    – Heavy Duty Street / OEM upgrade brake pads for High performance cars 

    WinmaX W2 brake pads are another organic based material like W1, but suitable for heavy duty street and performance use.

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  • W3

    Typical applications:
    – Enthusiast / High Performance OEM upgrade / brake pads for Performance 
    – Trackdays / Low level Motorsport.

    WinmaX W3 brake pads are a semi-steel based compound suitable for performance and light trackday use.

  • W4

    Typical applications:
    – Track and Enthusiast racing
    – Ideal for small to medium track cars
    – Low – Mid level Motorsport.

    WinmaX W4 brake pads are a semi-steel based compound suitable for track use in low to mid level competition environments.

  • W5

    Typical applications:
    – Club Racing / Rally / trackday / sprint racing
    –  Competition, Performance pads 

    Made with high steel ingredients but perfectly balanced for club level circuit racing and rally, W5 is the choice for seasoned track enthusiasts.

  • W6.5

    Typical applications:
    – Rally and Sprint / Competition brake pads / rally, sprint and hillclimb / Motorsport pads / Tarmac and Gravel.

    WinmaX W6.5 brake pads are a steel based compound designed for use in rallying.

  • W7

    Typical applications:
    – Circuit Only / Competition only Brake Pads / Semi-Professional motorsport use only

    Professional class brake pads that have the highest heat tolerance and effectiveness in the WinmaX range as well as break-neck coefficient of friction stopping power.

  • WP2

    Typical applications:
    – Performance upgrade brake pads for heavy duty and off road as well as towing

    Works from low temperatures and fade resistant so is suitable for heavy duty and GVM upgrade vehicles.