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MCA Pro Stance - Audi TT 8S

MCA Pro Stance - Audi TT 8S

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    The MCA Pro Stance suspension range is designed for extremely low ride heights. With a unique internal valving design, the Pro Stance suspension is designed to run super stiff springs, and even sit on the bump stops at ride height without excessive bounce. We’ve tested our kits right down to only 10mm of compression travel.

    With that said, at more practical ride heights, the ride quality and handling characteristics that this product features are actually quite remarkable and took us by surprise. This is mostly thanks to our latest Fusion 3.0 Valving, which has assisted us in producing a much more well-rounded setup than expected. This product is a great choice for customers wanting a low street car look, right through to those wanting a slammed show car.

     Estimated lead times from order placed to product sent: 2 Weeks

    NOTE: The lead times can vary depending on how busy we are, so please check with us if you wish to know a more exact and current lead time.

    If you have any questions about this product or just need advice please call on 0458998395.

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