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Bosch 440cc Injectors 0280155968

Bosch 440cc Injectors 0280155968

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    Genuine Bosch 42lb 440cc 968 Long Green Fuel Injectors.  14mm EV6 body with EV1 / Minitimer / Jetronic plug.  High quality, proven upgrade fuel injector for any supercharged or turbo application where more fuel is required, with good linear flow and response time.

    Direct drop in fit for the following vehicles:

    • EA, EB, ED, EF, EL, AU Falcon 4L 6 Cylinder
    • EB, ED, EF, EL 5.0L Windsor V8
    • BA, BF Falcon 6 Cylinder, V8, XR6 Turbo 4L DOHC Barra 6 Cylinder
    • VN, VP, VR, VS, VT, VX, VY Commodore, Calais, SS V6 & V8 models
    • VX, VY, VZ Commodore, Calais, SS LS1 V8
    • Any engine that uses the EV6 style body with EV1 Jetronic plug.

    These are genuine Bosch, Australian delivered, hologrammed fuel injectors from the local distributor for Bosch.  Don’t trust your engine on cheap Chinese copies.


    • 440cc/min (42lb/hr) @3 Bar Flow Rate
    • 14mm Top / 14mm Bottom O-ring
    • 64.0mm length (O-ring Top to Bottom)
    • Bosch Minitimer EV1 Plug
    • High Impedance
    • Split Spray Pattern


    Bosch Part number: 0 280 155 968

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