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Corvette C4 Saloon Car Race Brake Pads Intima RR IN1353

Corvette C4 Saloon Car Race Brake Pads Intima RR IN1353

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    Overview -

    The Intima RR is designed purely for maximum performance on the track.

    The heavy duty Carbon-Metallic formula delivers an abundance of stopping power biting hard from initial to end of pedal application throughout the entire temperature range. With superior modulation providing control of the powerful deceleration, vehicle balance is preserved, driver techniques can be exploited and further potential can be extracted for cars not equipped with ABS. 

    High levels of fade and heat resistance built into the hard wearing Intima RR pad material ensures consistent, predictable and dependable braking performance lap after lap of maximum attack.

    From the casual track day attendee to the serious track competitor, the Intima RR provides full braking confidence and delivers legendary braking performance at extraordinary value – it’s the track compound that finally ticks all the boxes.

    Make no mistake, this is like nothing we have offered before – the Intima RR is made to win and will take your track experience to the next level.

    Note: High carbon disc rotors designed for track use are recommended for optimal pad performance and durability.


    Trackday, Time Attack, Sprint, Short Circuit Racing


    • Strong initial bite with continual rising coefficient
    • Excellent control characteristics and pedal feel
    • Consistent torque output throughout the temperature range
    • High levels of fade and heat resistance
    • Long pad life with ongoing performance until end of pad material
    • Disc rotor friendly


    • 50°c to 800°c degrees operating temperature
    • 0.38 – 0.60µ friction coefficient range
    • 100% Non-Asbestos Carbon Metallic Formula
    • Scorched for improved bed-in
    • Suitable for street use

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