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LiFePO4 Motorcycle, Go-Cart, Powersports Lithiumax RACE3 300CA Engine Starter Battery

LiFePO4 Motorcycle, Go-Cart, Powersports Lithiumax RACE3 300CA Engine Starter Battery

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Weighing only 0.8kg, the NEW 2nd Generation RACE3 300CA Lithiumax LiFePO4 Motorcycle, Go-Cart, Powersports and small capacity race car battery with GTS 'Guaranteed To Start' technology (400A pulse discharge for 3 seconds) - Market leading 15Ah PbEq lead-acid/AGM/GEL equivalent capacity (6Ah Lithium Nominal). RC rating of 30mins at 25 degC - suits 1, 2, 3 & 4 cylinder engine cars, motorbikes, go-carts, powersports and boats up to 1.0L (non-turbo) displacement.


For road or race cars or vehicles without a battery isolator switch, this battery is suitable up to 1.0L engines. For larger displacement daily driven vehicles above 1.0L up to 2.0L engines, the correct batteries are the RACE5 LCD, or vehicles up to 3.0L the RACE7+.


Replaces your standard Lead-Acid or AGM/GEL battery at less than half of the weight and charges using your vehicle, boat, powersports, light aircraft, go-cart or motorcycle's standard alternator/generator or up to 30A using a stand alone charger. Compare our Ah ratings with the others. With stable lithium chemistry technology and industry leading Ah capacity ratings, Lithiumax is all about endurance and long service life. Includes on-board Battery Monitoring System (BMS) to manage cell balance and battery temperature along with a new in-built LCD readout for battery voltage, all at the press of a button.


Now with GTS 'Guaranteed to Start' technology you can be assured of a powerful start every time the battery is at 13V or higher as indicated on the inbuilt voltage LCD! Direct drop in replacement for lead-acid or AGM/GEL batteries for small or formula cars, motorcycles, powersports, light aircraft, go-carts or boats inc standard all brass multi-angle terminal block with 5mm connection bolts.

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