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WinmaX W2 Street Performance BMW 125i Front

WinmaX W2 Street Performance BMW 125i Front

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    Please see picture number 2 for this products specific pad shape.


    Compound: Low metal, organic
    Friction: 0.32 – 0.35 
    Temp range: 0 – 550degC

    WinmaX W2 brake pads are another organic based material like W1, but suitable for heavy duty street and performance use. W2 is a heavy-duty street pad which is excellent for fast street cars such as Jeep SRT, C63 Mercedes and Nissan R35. It is also a fantastic pad for OEM replacement on many European cars where dust has been an issue – W2 is a significant improvement over standard pad products.

    This pad is ideal for:
    Heavy Duty Street
    Performance Upgrade from OEM 

    Note: Limited Range - Special Order Only

    Why buy this product?
    Low-steel material brake pad are perfect for upgrade from factory
    Low dust and quiet operation like OE pads, but more torque
    For drivers wanting more stopping power from standard braking system on large cars
    Works instantly from ambient temperatures
    Provides long lasting pad life and rotor wear.

    What you get:
    1 part number = 1 set of pads. In most cases this is 4 pads per box. If your calipers take more than 2 pads per caliper (E.g Audi RS4), the part number you buy will include all the pads you need to service the axle set of calipers. Also included is bedding instructions to help you get the most out of your new pads. 

    Brake pad product notes:

    Shims and Wear sensors

    Our brake pad products are designed for high performance and competition use. Therefore, we do not always provide ancillary parts such as wear sensors or anti-squeal shims on some of the range including WinmaX and CIRCO. Ancillary parts are provided in some cases depending on the pad specification and fitment. NRS Brakes are designed to be OEM replacement and will be supplied with all components expected for road use.

    If you are unsure about any of this, please contact the seller for confirmation.




    Our brake pad products are engineered to replace OEM parts with higher performance friction. Many pad shapes are designed to be installed in only front or rear. However, there are many pad shapes in the Automotive world that are shared across multiple makes and models. In many cases these shapes are installed in the front on one vehicle, but the same shape is used in the rear of another. In some cases, the same pad shape is used in both front AND rear. If a brake pad is known to be used for front and/or rear, we refer to it as UNIVERSAL.

    If unsure about the fitment when purchasing, please check with the seller.

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