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Honda CRX 1992-1998 1.6 IN1163 Rear Intima SS

Honda CRX 1992-1998 1.6 IN1163 Rear Intima SS

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    The Intima SS brake pad is your everyday warrior. Constant stop starts don’t phase the SS as it provides exceptional stopping power and response from minimal pedal effort even when cold.

    Produced from organic materials results in minimal dust on your wheels and smooth quiet operation.

    With longevity in mind, these pads are kind on rotor wear and will go the distance.

    Don’t just settle for OEM or off the shelf products for your daily driver, get more sporty performance and durability for your dollar.

    Want more braking performance for your favourite stretch of road and the casual trackday? Step up to our proven SR compound.


    • Minimal dust output
    • Low noise, virtually silent braking
    • Low rotor wear
    • Progressive brake control
    • Instant braking response



    • 0°c to 400°c operating temperature
    • Average µ: 0.43~0.49
    • 100% Non-Asbestos Organic (NAO) and Non-Metallic Organic Formula
    • ECE R90 certified
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